My Jouney

by Nicky Diaz

In 2012, I was going through a very tumultuous time in my life.  I had just gotten the job of my dreams; becoming a Park Ranger.  With it, came the responsibility of moving to the park.  Not only did I have to leave the home I had lived in for the previous decade, but I was now far away from friends and family, and suddenly dealing with relationship stress and indifference from my boyfriend of nearly10 years. When I moved to the park, that relationship ended: and so a new chapter in my life began.  

I met my husband back in that Spring 2012.  Although significantly younger than I, he brought to my life the right tools to repair my heart and my soul.  He introduced me to fly fishing.  My entire life I have been a nature lover and have been known as the “nature girl” to all my friends. I even remember fantasizing that I was Pocahontas growing up. I never knew someone who loved the outdoors as much as I did until I met my husband.  He came from a family that took camping trips yearly, and he was raised by a father who taught him how to fish and took him fishing.  He was the missing piece in my life, especially having recently lost everything I thought I loved - my then boyfriend, friends and home. 

I had never fished before and from the second we started dating, we were camping, hiking and fishing.  Living in Miami at the time, we did all sorts of fishing: lakes for bass, piers and boating for saltwater fishing; things I had only read about and dreamed of.  

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Photo by nicky d

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Photo by nicky diaz

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