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DUN Photography Articles

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New Zealand Reflections

Fishing in New Zealand takes a different turn once you move there and are no longer on holiday.

I had in the past given some thought to being an expat - Dubai, Croatia, Japan, but an Aussie expat in New Zealand? Not really. As a fly angler having visited NZ on countless adventures, it almost felt like a second home anyway!

by ~ Kristina Royter
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Tarpon fishing in Tabasco, Mexico

A photo essay about fishing and life in Tabasco, Mexico.

by ~ Jennifer Guevara
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Road Trip

Heading South for some time with friends and trout.

Editor Nome Buckman takes us on a road trip with some of her friends to a place that looks like it should be in Europe, but is actually in South Carolina!

by ~ Nome Buckman
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DUN Dun Take Away Articles

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Cul De Canard

Fly Tying Material

Duck Butt?

by ~ Jen Ripple
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Fly Line Tapers

Firming Your Foundation

In this edition’s Firming Your Foundation, we are going to talk about line weights. Now, remember this is a brief overview, and by no means a comprehensive package. For the sake of time and sanity, we will be talking about weight forward, double taper and shooting heads. For the most part, the name of the line already explains a bit about it, but just to firm your foundation a bit more, we will go into detail below.

by ~ Jen Ripple
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Moss Animals

That blob that looks like a swamp monster in the river is actually doing good!

Meet the Moss Animal, one of only a few one-celled animals that live in freshwater rivers and ponds. This jelly blob mass looks like something out of a swamp monster movie, but its very nature is innocent. It acts like a water purifier and helps keep fresh water filtered.

by ~ Dun Team
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DUN Empower Articles

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2 Large Salmon

Two large Atlantic Salmon in one day!

We had completed our first and second day of fishing for the wild Atlantic salmon on the majestic Grand Cascapedia River and I was skunked. Peter, my husband and fishing partner for this trip, had landed a 15 pounder on a Bomber and lost a large one on a wet fly on day two. Angling can be more challenging in August especially if the water levels are at rock bottom and warm. The salmon seek deeper and cooler waters. I ended both days thinking the scenery was spectacular and most people would give their eye teeth to be in my shoes.

by ~ Sylvie Malo Clark
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Mom Season

Learning to let go of what we think our children should be

When your twenty-something son takes up fly fishing—at the cost of all other interests—there is bound to be some concern as a parent. This new fishing obsession was interfering with his college education, and baseball pursuits, not to mention preventing him from finding a summer job to help pay his way in the world. This interest seemed to come out of left field. Sure, we went camping and fishing as a family (when his sports seasons allowed), but this had become a rare thing in recent years as the demands of playing on more competitive sports teams grew. So, what was fueling this new passion, and was it just a passing phase? Would he come to realize that fishing is generally a “hobby” for most people and return to more traditional thinking about “life?” No. Not at all.

by ~ Linda Galambos
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The Life Vest

Finding comfort amidst the existential quagmire of American life

My mom likes to wade deep—up to her armpits.  And she is a small person.  If I am wading upstream from her it is not unusual to see only a pair of arms, a rod, and a cowboy hat clearing the surface of the water.  I watch for the reassuring wave of the rod, and then I can settle back into my own fishing for a bit. We are mother and daughter on the water, and we keep track of each other.  Do not range too far. Stay where I can see you, or at least just around the bend.

by ~ Erica Hickey
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DUN Conservation Articles

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Path To Conservation

The path to conservation leads to the river.

20 years ago if someone would have told me I was going to run a fly fishing business one day and steelhead would be my biggest passion, and I was going to be a mother, I would have called bullshit.

by ~ Mia Sheppard
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The Smallest Decision

A serendipitous journey into fly fishing.

I sat anxiously until I heard the unmistakable beep of the seat belt sign clicking off. Immediately, I jumped up and snagged my rod case out of the overhead bin. I clutched the case and breathed a sigh of relief, (my eternal fear is that I will forget my fly rod on an airplane). I walked off the plane, breezed through customs, grabbed my white duffel bag, (breathed another sigh of relief knowing my luggage made it) and then walked outside. I was greeted by the intense sunlight, hair-frizzing humidity, and the throng of stressed out ‘gringos’ synonymous with Cancun, Mexico.

by ~ Gracie Baldwin
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Spectacular Places

Fly fishing and the ecosystem make for the perfect experience.

My father always says a large part of his love for fly fishing derives from its ability to bring you to spectacular places that otherwise you may never see. An avid recreational fly fisherman, he has been introducing me to places over the last few years. Although not instantly enamored by the fishing part, I continued to go on the trips because I love to travel and spend time with my family. It wasn’t the idea of fly fishing for bonefish and tarpon that convinced me to go to Cuba; truthfully those fish meant nothing to me before June.

by ~ Hannah Kiesler
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